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Some New Years questions: -I have never been in love, at least not… - Hannah's brain's fossilised out-tray [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 1st, 2007|08:50 pm]
[mood |goodgood]

Some New Years questions:

-I have never been in love, at least not in what I would describe as love - not even remotely. There are precious few guys I know (ie 1 or max 2) who I would consider in that way. Is this normal? Is this the product of a single-sex education? Or are my standards just too high?
-Am I too competitive, and will this stop me getting what I want from my life?
-Is it unrealistic to be a romantic?
-Are my expectations of people I love and trust too high, or should I be anticipating a more flawed human nature in them and myself?
-Is it unrealistic to be an idealist?
-Should I be studying medicine, or should I be doing... say... anthropology? Perhaps medicine from a pragmatic point of view is what I think I want to do long-term, perhaps it's what I think I 'should' do and is both a useful and interesting use of my brains, but does it lack a spiritual side, and in its inherently reductionalist approach is it really an education in the life kind of sense?
-Should I reconsider my views on religion? Has my scientific and inherently atheist approach to the world killed something more integral, more human and more spiritual which I may once have had?
-Should I be trying to live my life in a moral way, or is hedonism the way forward? Am I deluding myself in thinking I even have a choice in this?
-Should I be a vegetarian?
-Should I compromise what I believe and act in a way that contradicts it, if it will make someone else happier?
-Am I living the life I want to lead?

I've been mostly posting private entries of late for a variety of reasons but am just going to stick this one up. Happy 2007! I think last year I posted something along the lines of 'May all your 2006 dreams come true' - with high hopes for my own. I'm feeling rather more pragmatic, 2006 having been unusually shit in a number of ways, but I guess at least I have a pretty strong idea that 2007 at the very least can't be any worse. Hurrah!