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[Aug. 10th, 2007|09:51 pm]
[mood |artisticsecretive]

This is now a friend's only journal - mostly because it's pretty private and I don't really want people I know to read it.

However if you've chanced upon this that doesn't mean I'm not interested in hearing from you. One of the reasons I've had a livejournal in the past is a) because for some reason I actually keep it up, being better at typing text in boxes than writing stuff in a box, and b) because by chance I've met a few great people, online and in one case in person, who I never would have done otherwise.

Why the change? Well, this was never supposed to be an exhibitionist thing!-and I guess it never occurred to me when, naive 13-year-old, I first started this, that people *could* find it. Not how the internet works apparently. Also things in my life have changed a fair bit which makes me want to hang onto some of the privacy a bit more. And also starting university etc has just meant I've met physically more people, (some of) who I'm less happy about letting read all my inner thoughts!

I'm leaving all the past entries for the moment because I can't be bothered to edit them all en masse. Embarrassing adolescence warts and all.

All the best,
Hannah x

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